White Fly: Is different music

We perform in varius musical genres… Swing, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Dance, Disco, Revival 70'/80'/90'/, Pop e Rock.

We have 30 years of experience

Theater, Tv, discos, Luxury Hotels. We sing in 5 languages ( Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)

An event is special if it has special music

Great vocal skills and musical knowledge. We perform in many musical genres. We offer sophisticated music for elegant events, but also dance, latin, revival for private parties and weddings.

Elegance, Glamour e Show

Stage impact, careful look for the most elegant settings or themed parties.

Planned interventions show during the evening with Sax and voice in honor of the celebrants and guests.
Involvement always in the name of elegance and great aesthetic sense.
Presentation of events, awards, parades, meetings.

A fantastic story with more than 30 years of experience in Italy and foreign countries.