White Fly


We create the right atmosphere for your event, your wedding, party, business meeting.

Every event deserves the right atmosphere. Our repertoire and flexibility allow us to create unique and engaging atmospheres.


Musical entertainment during lunch or dinner. Engaging dance evenings. We will be the soundtrack of your most beautiful day.

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Private parties

We give atmosphere to elegant private parties and much more. Tell us about your theme party and we will find the right style.

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Business parties

Music is very important in life and in business. The right soundtrack will make your event unique and memorable.

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Cocktails parties and aperitifs.

Lounge, Swing, Jazz music, with amazing show entertainment.

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Luncehs/dinners/music events

Entertainment, shows, dance, disco, revival,latin music and much more.

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Not just two

we are couple of musicians, but on request we collaborate with high-level artists to form bands of 3/4/5/6 people

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